The National Day of Service “Paying It Forward” Pin was designed to thank and recognize our own Canadian citizens in the line of service. These citizens act selflessly by “Paying It Forward” to serve our country in the name of peace.

The maple leaf was selected to symbolize our country, Canada. It also represents the collective independent mind of Canadians who are full of imagination, original, self confident and proud.


The arrow like ribbon is a visual with several meanings. First it represents the Canadian people from coast to coast who have an energy that mimic that of the Northern Lights, full of colour and energy that is prolific filled with integrity. Second the ribbon reminds us that we are all connected as Canadians. Third the arrow indicates the direction of how we as positive people move forward.


A Canadian diamond was chosen to imbue the qualities of the recipient – protective, strong and the ability to cast away negative energy. May the recipient wear “Paying It Forward” knowing that their acts of selflessness is recognized by Canadians on this day.


The “Paying It Forward” pin was designed by Delane Cooper, Toronto-based jewellery designer and goldsmith who expresses her creativity by making beautiful jewellery that tell meaningful stories for the wearer.

Delane’s passion is to see Canada recognized on the world’s stage as a country that can supply the jewellery industry from mine to market.  She has served in leadership roles in the jewellery community as President of the Metal Arts Guild of Canada and Managing Director for the Toronto International Jewellery Festival.